To the New Beginning!

I am writing this blog to the new beginning of 2022 ….Clearly remember how I broke down sometimes but trust me you don’t know how strong are you unless being strong is the only option left with you. I would like to quote favorite lines from one of my mentors “Some battles we win, some battles we lose, every day is a different day so don’t live in guilt don’t punish yourselves”. Sometimes things that happen in our lives are not under our control so let things go and live every moment to the fullest. This year have taken a few resolutions for me I know in reality maybe only half of the things we can adhere to but at least make the most use of it.

Cheers!! To the new beginning, to new part, to new chapter, to new journey of life full of enthusiasm and excitement. Develop your hobbies it can be any like anything from writing, reading, traveling, shopping, painting, a lot to go. I decided to develop any of my skills at least spend one hour every week working on this. Follow a glowing skincare regime, drink lots of water, upgrade yourself, treat yourself which makes you happy.

Take little little steps but do take and change yourself and make this year 2022 amazing for you which can bring a lot of goodness. Life is not easy but you have to make it easy it’s very normal to feel not okay sometimes also life does not always give you what you want but never lose hope stay focused set one goal for yourself dream your goal every night and take actions to turn that dream into reality. Let go of all the negativity you hold on to and always choose kindness over anything and make this year a beautiful one with your beautiful smile.

Keep smiling always :)



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