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Food has always been a way for people to connect but the number of options available and trying to make plans around a location has been driving a lot of people to start to hate making plans to eat out. Not to mention the amount of time people spend looking at a loaded menu wondering what to order based off of text.

“Now more than ever, it’s important that discussions around food fully reflect how it shapes both who we are and how we live.” — Mark Bittman

I already knew that my goal was to make a pleasant food…


The senior population and their demand for caregiving services, especially for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, are on the rise around the world. While care is being covered for some of those in need, it is becoming more evident that not enough time is spent on mental stimulation via recreational and social activities.

It is BoomerangLIFE’s goal to enhance the seniors’ lives through mental stimulation and social interaction while educating those who care for them about how important it is to properly address the individual inside and to not assume that memory-challenged seniors are unresponsive.

Found on Main St is an e-commerce store that aggregates multiple home décor retail stores from Main St. into a single online presence.

The Brief

To enable users to purchase items online from all home décor stores on Main St, preserving the individuality of each store and improving the shopping experience and customer engagement.


Through our research, our team decided to focus on finding out about the motivating factors for making a home décor purchase, the customers and their habits and the existing online presence of the stores.

Affinity Diagram — Survey Summary

The field research we conducted, along with the results generated by the Google Forms…

Aline G. Rocha

UI/UX Designer

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