Found on Main St — A UX Case Study

Aline G. Rocha
Nov 13, 2018 · 4 min read

Found on Main St is an e-commerce store that aggregates multiple home décor retail stores from Main St. into a single online presence.

The Brief

To enable users to purchase items online from all home décor stores on Main St, preserving the individuality of each store and improving the shopping experience and customer engagement.


Through our research, our team decided to focus on finding out about the motivating factors for making a home décor purchase, the customers and their habits and the existing online presence of the stores.

Affinity Diagram — Survey Summary

The field research we conducted, along with the results generated by the Google Forms survey we ran, confirmed quite a few things, these are some of them:

  • Most shoppers are driven by specific style
  • There is a balance between online and in-store shoppers


  • Some agreed “In-store is faster”
  • Most people came in two’s
  • Shopping can be treated as a social activity


  • Is appealing for its convenience
  • Waiting for delivery is a con


From the persona expertise spectrum (high to low) concept our research group defined together, I decided to come up with a persona with low home décor expertise, but eager to do proper research in a way she can fit into her busy schedule. This made one of the product’s main goals clear: to enable users like her to excel their decorating skills without taking up their time.

In the customer journey map below you will see that Naomi’s current pain points are mainly not knowing what each store has to offer and having to spend time visiting each home décor store on Main St.

Current State Customer Journey Map

The journey map of her current experience confirmed what the product should focus on, which came down to the following:

• Inform the customer about each store and their products

• Take advantage of online convenience

• Keep in-store as part of the experience

• Fast product acquisition

Scenarios & Stories

  • As Naomi, I want to be able to search keywords, so that I can see what products match what I am looking for.
  • As Naomi, I want to be able to search within a style, so that my decoration is harmonious aesthetically.
  • As Naomi, I want to be able to see what products from different stores/designers/brands fit my style so that I can explore but keep one look.
  • As Naomi, I want to be able to know in which store I can find the product(s) I want so that it saves me from having to visit multiple stores.
  • As Naomi, I want to be able to pick up in-store, so that I can have the product as soon as I can when I can make time to pick up, and so that I don’t have to spend money on shipping and wait for the delivery time.

These short user scenarios and stories were drafted to help us know what features will be relevant to solve the problems we are focusing on. Our focus was narrowed down to these features:

  • Keyword search
  • Smart suggestions based on style
  • Reserve and pick up in-store
  • Provide store information
  • Product sorting (by price, etc)

With these in mind, our expected customer journey should turn into this:

Future State Customer Journey Map

User Flow

During the design process, it was crucial to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible. With that in mind, and a couple of user tests later, our user flow consisted of a very simple experience, which could branch into two paths at specific moments depending on the context, but was still clear for the user to know where they are at.

Search & Checkout User Flow


Throughout the project, it was amazing to see how such a seemingly complex and extensive task could be simplified and resolved with a straight forward solution.

You can check out the final medium-fidelity prototype in the link below:

Click here to see the prototype

Thank You!

I appreciate the time taken reading this article. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, there is always room for improvement!

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