Our Sustainable Community: Tap 13

What inspired you to set up a zero waste bar?

As a chef, restaurant owner and caterer, the subject of food waste has been firmly on my radar for some time now. This awareness coupled with the desire to one day set up a tap bar, kind of led the way really. It was only once the opportunity for the unit in Broadway Market came available and I actually started fitting it out, that I realised, hang on a minute, everything’s on tap! We don’t need a bin! And the bar then really led the way forward itself, and the Zero Waste idea fell into place.

Aside from the taps, are you totally zero waste? What else do you do to promote sustainability?

So, with everything on tap, and the drinks stored in reusable kegs, we have removed the need for mixers, glass, cans, disposables, etc. Even the cocktails are premixed and on tap, with no faffing around with paraphernalia and fancy mixology. Just naked drinks in their simplest form.

We also encourage customers to use our refill service, we provide glass 2&4 pint bottles that can be returned or refilled for takeaway wine, beer & cider.

It’s true that we have no bin. And we refill our cleaning products from BYO in Tooting Market. Even our electric candles are rechargeable.

Why 13?

It’s a cool number! And it works out as the right balance of each type of drink. 3 cocktails, 4 Wines, 2 ciders, 4 beers.

What’s the most popular tap?

Tap #11. Luna Pale Ale from Bullfinch Brewery in Herne Hill.

Why Tooting?

I also own The Tapas Room, which we opened in Broadway Market last year. I love the Market and how it’s becoming such a brilliant place to discover such a range of exceptional restaurants and bars. The local community are nothing but welcoming and have really embraced Tap13.

What are your personal tips for trying to living more sustainably?

I think it’s all about taking that extra moment of thought and effort to really make the change. It does take effort, to remember to bring a bag to the supermarket, or to use Zero Waste shops or recycle thoroughly, but it’s a cultural shift that will soon become second nature, but you have to start somewhere! I’m a big believer in the reuse concept. Recycling is slightly beyond our control but reusing those single use plastics will make a huge difference over time.

What are your plans for the future?

We’ve had a a lot of people suggesting we should “go mobile”, so we’re considering a Tap13 event waggon! We’re always on the look out for another site as well, the concept has potential to roll out as it is so simple!