She finally learns how to swim

For the last twenty five years, I turned down offers to go out with friends for swimming. The main reason was I could not swim. I excused myself based on ideas such as I could drown, I could catch a cold, or perhaps the water is too dirty I’ll catch a skin infection. All these excuses stopped me from doing what was easy and fun for others.

In January I had some free time on my hands, so I decided to explore other areas and try to discover a talent or get a new hobby. I thought it was good time to learn how to swim. I went to Nairobi Sports House and bought a swimming suit. I walked confidently to a resort in the Estate. I thought, Hey, if I’m going to make a fool of myself, I’d better do it at or somewhere near home. My trainer introduced me to a few safety rules and gave me a few swimming tips.

When I was told to try and float, I think I drank a few liters of the water in the swimming pool. I was so discouraged to a point where I asked to leave the swimming pool. Then I thought to myself, if I managed to finish an entire five-year course in the university, how difficult can this be? My trainer was patient with me and that worked to my advantage. The next time I dipped my head into the water, I motivated myself saying I can do this, I can hold my breathe even just for a moment, I can open my eyes under the water. Surprisingly, I could.

This experience got me thinking. Perhaps our fears and beliefs stop us from becoming better people or doing greater things. Probably if we dare to dream, dare to be different, dare to swim we can become the best swimmer, or fish :-). Ever since, I have approached life situations with a level of boldness and somehow things just work out. It has brought out the positive perspective of things in me.