AgroTechFarm ICO: Combine The Two Fastest Growing Industries in One Glory ICO

Organic food and cannabis industries will come out big in the upcoming years. Profit from the growth of both with a single investment in the AgroTechFarm ICO.

The two industries to watch in 2018: Cannabis and Organic Food


Cannabis was first legalized in Colorado in 2014 and ever since the industry has been booming.

Legal marijuana sales in 2017 reached 8 billion dollars. That’s 2 million more than 2016’s value of 6 billion, and more than a 30% increase.

What is more, this growth is expected to be a stable 16% each year until 2025. By then the industry is estimated to reach a value of 24 billion. That’s the current market sales value of all condiments and sauces in the US. In a few years time we’ll rightly say that pot is bigger than ketchup.

In this graphic, you can see this trend crystal clear. As you can see, cannabis price has plunged 70% since its legalization in a number of states. Since 2014 it went from $45 a gram to $12.77. For the past years dispensaries have enjoyed an increase in monthly revenue from below $10 million to more than $70 million (1).

Credits to Frontier Financial Group Inc.

High growth is not all good news. Big profit opportunities will inevitably attract big industry players. And when you’re talking about plants, that usually means chemicals. And the last thing patients need is more toxins in their bodies.

Organic Food

If the cannabis industry impressed you, the growth of organic food industry will make your pants drop.

The organic food market is significantly more mature than the cannabis’. But even on the face of this fact, researchers expect the fruit and vegetables sector to grow a staggering 13% each year until 2025 (2).

Does that sound unimpressive to you? Bear in mind cannabis is a brand new industry, while organics have been here for a while. During 2016 organic food sales were 43 billion and the cannabis industry is expected to reach 24 billion in 2025. For a mature industry 13% is huge (3).

To put things into perspective, the grocery store industry grew around 7% for the past years (4)

And the US is by far the world’s largest consumer of organic food. For 2015 US alone accounted for a whopping 47% of $75 billion global sales. (5)

Unfortunately, suitable land for organic farming in the US may not be enough to support the huge demand. This is one reason behind the still rather too high prices.

And with a growing demand, without a production increase we are bound to see even a higher premium on organic products. This will inevitably force people out, and make them settle for less healthier alternative.

Credits to FiBL

How our growers help solve these problems?

Our growers are a cheaper and more sustainable way to grow anything organically.

They combine the benefits of hydroponics with a proprietary microclimate control software to bring the farmer’s market to your kitchen. After you plant the seeds the program takes full control of all other processes like gestation, light hours, irrigation and the nutrient solution. You can monitor everything through our dedicated app.

Find out more about the appliance itself here.

Indoor farming is more efficient than the traditional method. In simple terms, you get more veggies in less space. That means the cost for the same weight of fruit and vegetables drops.

The best of all, every process is optimized, so our appliance allows for a 30% decrease in growing time.

So, for the same space and time commited you get more produce faster.

Hydroponics are the best way to grow a crop. This is because the natural enemies of plants live in the soil. No soil, no pests. And if there are no pests and bugs, there’s no need for pesticides or other chemicals.

And as each plant is fed nutrients directly, you won’t need fertilizers either.

The Token

Our tokens offer a variety of utilities like priority delivery and a $250 discount.

For those interested in making a buck we will make yearly buybacks for 35% of total profits.

Unsure how buybacks boost your returns? You can check the details of buybacks here.

But for us, this is more than a simple investment.

We believe our product can forever change the way people grow cannabis, fruits and vegetables. It empowers users to have full control on what enters their bodies. The grower’s efficiency gives access to organic food for people who may not be able to afford it with its current (and increasing) prices.

That’s our mission: to decentralize agriculture. Take it out from those large industrial farming giants to your home.

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