Medium — Never heard about it

As I’m starting to write this post, I’m realizing that is the last one related with my Online Platforms class at Leeds Trinity University. I have come through a long way because when I started I didn’t know what Medium even was, and now I’m writing this post knowing what is good to achieve my goals on social media.

Medium logo taken from the Internet for noncommercial reuse

I’m a journalism student so I really like to write but I used to write rather for myself or in Wordpress. I used to write about my daily experiences or about news that were going around the world. Medium is a new platform that I really enjoyed it because it was easy to use but also free. When writing you feel like there are no boundaries due to the length of the page and the unlimited time you can add a picture or a link.

Screenshot of my first post on Medium

As seen above, in my first post on Medium I didn’t know what to write about or how to make it different from the rest. With this I mean, adding anchor texts or writing a lot of times the most important words so Google could made them important when people are looking for posts on Medium.

One thing that I didn’t like about Medium is that you cannot personalize your profile, so all the profiles look the same. Also, nowadays people pay more attention to photos or colours rather than texts, so if people could add a background on their profile about what they are writing about, it will help everyone. Another thing is that when you share your posts in any other platform like Twitter, the picture that will show up is the first one of the post which might not always be the best one.

Screenshot of one of my posts on Medium

As you can see above, there is a huge difference with the first post. Knowing how to add anchor texts writing the kind of picture we added or what people can do with it if it’s your own photo are things that I have learned through the whole semester. We need to be open to use new online platforms because every day there are people with new ideas and we have to use them to be able to say if we like them or not.

Overall, the use of Medium for my Online Platforms class and for my personal use has been a great experience. It is an online platform that is on its way to become one of the most popular ones for bloggers and needs to fix couple of things, but step by step (as I did using Medium), it will achieve its goals.

Alvaro Garcia