Some marketers embrace new technology, and then there are marketers who do not like to fix what is not broken. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more popular as algorithms and software include it for understanding data and maximizing efficiency. And while that sounds great, some marketers fear AI could end up replacing some roles within the department as it advances.

Nearly every department within an organization is becoming dependent upon automation to a certain degree. Machine learning gets those necessary tasks done faster and with little error. …

Retail and Restaurant Owners Leverage Creative Problem Solving to Transform Operations

From the spread of COVID-19 to escalating protests, 2020 is a year many will not forget. With businesses rethinking their operations, it is time to get down to what once started most entrepreneurial thinking in the first place — creative problem solving.

History shows how constraints led some of the most infamous business owners to produce great solutions. Now, retail and restaurant owners are using creative thinking to come up with kits for leveraging digital and creating a true omni-channel experience.

Creative problem solving is more than a buzzword

While there are debates on if social media impacts a website’s rankings, there is something to be said about a high engagement company page. Just like any website, Google and the general public do not view them all the same. Therefore, while your company’s page is on a credible platform, that does not mean it is optimized for high visibility, and that does not mean that any links going back to your website will be considered quality.

Appreciating TrustRank when it comes to quality

Google TrustRank is an algorithm by the search engine that measures trust signals. It tells Google…

Digital marketing is taking a turn as organizations are aiming to implement more e-learning solutions. And while there is evolution, there is not always a strategic approach to massive implementation of new tools. One piece that is becoming more evident is the lack of hard and soft skills, which is needed for today’s marketer.

Artificial intelligence and marketing

With everyone online, the utilization of new technology is happening at an alarming pace. And while artificial intelligence (AI) can help you make better data-driven decisions, it does not always lead your customers to your brand. The reason for this is that…

Believe it or not, but there are still companies who think marketers are the make it pretty department. Depending on how your company is organized, marketing can look very different. To be successful, today’s marketing comes down to a collaborative organizational structure that includes 21st century marketers.

While marketers can be the brains behind getting the word out, they are actually much more than that. In fact, today’s marketers need to not only get the message heard, but they also need to be critical thinkers, project managers and business strategists. This is why companies must have a clear understanding of…

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