As Secretary of Agriculture, I have had the pleasure of traveling across our great nation, seeing the bounty of the American harvest with my own eyes.

After visiting the great state of Utah, I have finally visited all 50 states as Secretary. Throughout my travels, I’ve seen the values that truly unite us as Americans — values that we’ve embodied in our USDA motto to “Do right and feed everyone.”

I’m honored to serve as Secretary of Agriculture for President Trump because he has such an affection for America’s farmers and producers because of the values and principles they live by.

Getting out of Washington, D.C. and connecting with the people of American agriculture is one of my favorite parts of the job.

All across our great nation is where American ingenuity, strong character, and the wisdom to build strong families and communities shines. On every visit to every community, I discover new ideas and methods, listen to issues people are facing, and I take them back with me to make changes to better serve our customers.

I want USDA to be the most effective, most efficient, and most customer-focused agency in the federal government. Traveling around the country, visiting with farmers, ranchers, foresters, and producers, is critical to that mission.

My father taught me that when it comes to the land, we are all stewards and should always leave it better than we found it. I’ve taken that message with me throughout my life. One of the reasons I took this job is because I want to help the future for my 14 grandchildren be better than mine ever was.

“We are stewards of other people’s money and must be diligent in spending it more carefully than we would our own when it comes to delivering our programs.”