Happenings: Water Soirée

We hosted our 1st annual water soirée last summer, and it could not have been a better evening. Invitation-only, we were able to celebrate and raise money for our Cheers Campaign. The attendance of more than 40 friends brought in $452 from ticket donations that evening.

Months in advance, the evening was marked with a bold, blue droplet. Hours of preparation and hard work, countless messages, and innumerable amounts of thought had been put into the party. We even brought new people in on the ground floor. We shared many late night talks.


Prior to the event, we hand-delivered invitation packets to selected invitees. We accepted the ticket slips enclosed with the entrance donation upon the arrival of invitees and guests.

The invitation packet complete with a details card, an RSVP card, and ticket slips for the invitee and one guest

Mocktail Bar

Our mocktail bar offered four creative, well-crafted mocktails. The menu featured the following drinks, the last being most popular.

  • Mint Mojito Lime juice + mint leaves + seltzer water
  • Pomegranate Cosmopolitan Cranberry juice + grenadine + seltzer water
  • Milky Way Chocolate mixer+ Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee Creamer + coffee
  • Citrus Drop Orange-passion fruit juice + lemon slice + seltzer water

Photo Wall

We setup a wall with silver balloons spelling out ‘CHEERS’ adorned with handmade tassel banners below.

The Evening

The party became a huge success. Individuals shared more than their sanguine enthusiasm for clean water. A game of Cards Against Humanity went on inside. The food was great, the company equally, if not more, incredible. Music was playing, but that wasn’t the sound that filled the room — laughter did.

As for what we did? All Agualmente had to do was bring together a community of generous world-changers. A warm thank you to all those who were able to attend the evening.

Weren’t able to make it? Give to this campaign: http://agualmente.co/donate

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