The Misguided Power

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The Misguided Power

US immigration policies impact Latino communities in varieties of ways such as families lives, the future for the next generation, the US economy, and the process for equality. In the U.S. right now communities are making arguments that immigration policies should be better influenced for future Latinos because it really kind of determines the way the way Latinos live in the US. Such as Janet M. Calvo points at when discussing Donald Trump’s administration idea to have deportation happen if an immigrant is need of medical assistance. “A draft Trump administration executive order proposes a fear-provoking change that will scare immigrants away from necessary health care by threatening deportation denial of status because of use of public health services” (2017). As Calvo states, the result is, that this power from the presidency, controls immigration way of living in fear. Calvo also goes on and say that “If the Trump Administration proceeds with regulatory changes, an executive order is not legally sufficient. There must be a notice in the Federal Register with the opportunity for public comment and serious subsequent consideration of all comments” (2017). All people have a say if anybody can get medical help if necessary without being penalized with deportation for trying to receive help. Just the fact that one who has much power can dictate one’s life by threatening others is bringing great issues in the US.

The opinions of Latinos toward Donald Trump are that the Latino community do not have trust in Donald Trump as President of the United States as stated by Paulina Villegas. “The negative views coincide with a dismal perception of Mr. Trump and his signature campaign promises. Only 5 percent of Mexicans are confident that Mr. Trump will do the right thing in world affairs, his lowest rating in any country, and 94 percent oppose his plan to build a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States” (2017). Paulina shows that this percentage is the lowest ever in country resorting to a world leader. It shows the effects of what Donald Trump views are in immigration by building a wall to have less people entering the country because they’re not “American.” They’re many factors and evidence that go into Latinos thoughts towards Donald Trump. For instance, on major televised Latino channels and news show videos of Donald Trump piñatas and people hitting it just shows how they feel about Trump’s Presidency. He also has brought threats to Mexico by telling his voters during his presidential run that he was going to build to a wall in Mexico and have them pay for it to have less Latinos entering the country. I believe that Donald Trump doesn’t gain trust to the fact that he doesn’t understand these policies in the first place. The Latino community interests are served by these arguments because they are the people, they have a say in what our government should be. Nobody should be secluded because the country will never be “great” if we don’t compromise with each other.

Another argument that is being discussed is about the removal of DACA and Dreamers since that was particularly for Latino students earning financial aid and getting an education. In other words, the removal has yet again put Latinos in fear about the future. Donald Trump removed it and has decided to let Congress make the new bill for immigration policy for the next six months or Donald Trump will make it himself. What people are feeling at the moment is faith that Congress which has mostly Democratic party in to make the right decision for the future. Even in my family suffer from this, I have little cousins who could be deported any second now. Some of my family members are being very cautious now than ever because of the idea that they could easily be deported. One of my cousins, a little girl, age is about seven years old, an American citizen born in the US but that has a big brother that is about thirteen years old, one that was born in El Salvador. My little cousins go to school to get an education and me just knowing that a little girl is going to be able to stay in the US and not her big brother and parents if worse comes to happens. It can ruin a child’s future. This is just only one scenario of what people are feeling are at the moment when in doubt. Another is witnessing the amount of time and money one spends to see little or no promise against the law. A case in from my grandmother made to bring my uncle legally as an American citizen that’s has been going on for about over 10 years now and since my grandmother passed away years ago now my mother took over that case now. Over the years when my grandmother was holding the case the court gave him his visa but since she passed away that ruined the whole case since she wasn’t alive anymore. Then when my mother took it on she had to make more payments to fight the case again to bring my uncle illegally but just this year in 2017 the court closed the case. The court closed the case because it “did not have enough evidence” for him. Since in the reports it did not show any issues of life threats in El Salvador for him to arrive. My uncle has a clean record and I believe someone like him deserves to enter the country. The law just needed more of a life-threatening moment to convince them for my uncle to be able to live in America. He just wants a better future in the US. As if, the law, believe that his is a criminal and can cause chaos all around. It shows that this system is not well developed because if it were then there wouldn’t be any issues of changing it every couple of years now.

Other argue of no deportation because families feel scared about leaving the US because in other countries they are more danger and corrupt environments outside of the US. On the other side of arguments, people believe that all Latinos should be deported because there not fully “American.” There are groups of individuals that feel Latinos should not be allowed in the US. For example, the republican party “has always been divided on to exactly what extent immigration laws should be tightened, but as a whole the party believes that a system needs to be in place to ensure that immigrants who enter this country illegally are not provided with the same benefits that legal citizens are” (2014). These are sources of what the republican party are in favor of with immigration. This also can represent how during Donald Trump’s campaign many of his supporters when interviewed or asked about why they are voting for him and would answer that he is going to “Make America Great Again.” I believe that certain parties believe the same way as Republicans because it would benefit them since Latinos would be given very limited opportunities in the states and those certain parties will have advantage over others. The government has both the money and power in immigration policies. Their money/power control frame the discussion because the government makes a deal with immigrants to coming to the US by paying taxes but not getting anything in return but just living in the US. If the US were to actually plan out a situation where all 800,000 Dreamers were deported the US economy would be losing billions of dollars from taxes and the Dreamers not receiving any money back from taxes. They have the power because if one doesn’t agree with these manners they can deport you back to where you lived or anywhere in the world that’s not the US. As long as a person is not in the US it is not their problem anymore and whatever happens; happens. At the moment, it is still the Governments position when it comes against the people in the argument because they’re the ones who establishes the laws towards immigration policies. They affect the way Latinos live in the US. When talking about it, the advantage can go to people because they send the message to the government to make the right decision in making a just policy where everyone is happy but it is unfortunate at the moment because it seems that nobody wants to listen.


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