What truly is DACA?

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What truly is DACA?

Over the past years, Latinos have been connected to the unjustifiable laws and restrictions the Government puts out. The average Latinos are in despair as some are worried of their cultural diversity, and educational opportunities being torn apart from the Government. The mist of society in the US for Latinos has been dropped ever since restrictions came into play for Latinos. It has made many Latinos lose hope and having to spend more costs than American citizens ever had. This causes a huge amount of stress on someone to having the only option to go back home outside of the US. The Government believe that limiting immigrants to be in the US will control the situation and make others happy. By doing that since there are restrictions being demanded that has broken Latino students preferably Dreamers going through the process of losing their opportunity to education. The essential question that I am asking is what should we do to change immigration. In order to answer this, we need to change DACA to improve the lives of Latinos in the U.S. by discussing what it is first, then what we can do to help the government get the message, and lastly pushing for a new bill to pass.

Before we look into the way of change towards DACA. We need to first go over the background of what DACA truly is. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals that is this administrative relief program from deportation (UNDOCUMENTED STUDENT PROGRAM, 2017). The reason for this creation of DACA is for immigrant students getting a college education. It is also to protect immigrant youth from being deported since DACA pretty much gives immigrants a visa to stay in the US. This pertains to giving undocumented immigrant students to have protection from deportation and to also have a valid work permit. With the work permit being given, that offers undocumented immigrants to earn an annual income. Even though that in this process undocumented immigrants still have to pay for annual taxes and not be given the same amount of money as others. As an example, when a person does their annual taxes, they may get some money in return for the work the person has done during the year but for undocumented immigrants they also do their taxes but do not receive any extra money from it because the deal of having DACA is to be in the US. The requirements to be given DACA was that an immigrant had to be under 31 years of age as of June 2012 since that was the year that President Barack Obama instituted the bill. The person has no conflict of felony, lived in the US continuously for many years, and is studying high school entering college or discharged from the military. Lastly, a person would need an attorney to begin the process to make an application to immigration authorities. For many people it is really hard to even start this process to begin with because the person would have to spend more money to attorney’s to get DACA approved in court. Extra fees are going in for immigrants to just live in the US. Even though the Government has taken away DACA at the moment, it can still be used to make a new bill but just revised. I for instance, do not have to go through this process but my family members did not take the opportunity to make an application due to the costs and that’s why some just like my family members worry if immigration policies take a turn for the worse.

The argument of how to end this called immigration wars is often discussed by the very own people who created it in the first place which is the Government. In Eric Cantor’s article from the New York Times, “How to End the Immigration Wars,” it discusses how Donald Trump’s administration eliminated or removed DACA which was for Latino students having the opportunity to go to college and have a visa to stay in the United States. Cantor also discusses the opposing view point of the manner from both parties the Republican side and Democratic side. “Over the past couple of days, we have heard that President Trump and some members of Congress are on the verge of such a compromise, only to later learn that there may not be a deal after all. It’s hard to say exactly what is happening, but it seems safe to say that the president, congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans all have different ideas of what constitutes ‘’protecting the Dreamers’’ and ‘’securing the border’’” (2017). I feel that secluding Latinos from the US will damage the US in the end. I say this because typically Latinos or minorities in general have taken up all important resources for the US. For instance, Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, giving diversity and demonstrating a truly unique country that separates from other countries. If the US want to get rid of that, then who’s going to do the work?

In this Cantor starts by addressing that this issue to resolve the problem of immigration is very complex because no party seems to compromise to an agreement. In the article, it states that since removing DACA that was associated with roughly about 800,000 people, are hoping for the best for the new bill. Also, Cantor addresses that since 2013, he also has tried to work for legislation to provide a more stable way forward. Donald Trump has given Congress only six months to return a new bill for immigration policy. He also stated that DACA was “never fully and legally integrate into our country” (2017). That even under DACA it was not perfect for Dreamers and that’s why many Dreamers are not so upset about it being removed since it did not give them full financial aid. I see this as a chance for Congress to take these six months and create a bill that is just and fair for every Latino. I trust Congress because at the moment they’re more Democratic representatives than Republican representatives. I hope that this can make a change for more true opportunity for the next generation of Latinos having a better future.

The other side of Cantor’s argument toward immigration is the fear of the same thing happening again with immigration policy. “I fear we are on the verge of the same thing happening again. Each day that passes without a deal increases the likelihood that Washington will ultimately do what it usually does: keep the status quo” (2017). Cantor discusses that if there is no compromise between the two parties, then the most likely solution is to make it “the same two-year renewals and uncertainty for Dreamers” (2017). He also addresses that both parties with then just continue to debate the fight over the border security. That this will only cause no progress for the next generation of Dreamers. Then Cantor’s solution is for the “Republicans to stand up to those on the right who are quick to denounce any sensible solution as amnesty and for Democrats to stand up to those on the left who rail against any meaningful steps toward border security and immigration enforcement” (2017). Therefore, the Dreamers may present an opportunity to see a change happen and hopefully see the end of the immigration wars for good.

The action that should be taken is people having protests to have a better future for the next generation. Possible actions that are able to happen are to protest and send a message to the Government as much as possible. On January 2017, protesters gathered at airports in the United States to complain about President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Ralph Ellis from CNN a journalist wrote, that protesters decried Trump’s vision of policies. Olivia Katbi Smith, a protester, told CNN that “I think it’s horrific and terrible and we are basically condemning people to death by not allowing them to come here” (Ralph Ellis, 2017). This is representation of Latino’s being deported to a place where they left because of danger and fear. That basically innocent people going back home is a sentence to death. In New York City, a large crowd was at the John F. Kennedy International Airport to protest and had signs that read “We are all immigrants!” and “No ban! No wall!” (Ralph Ellis, 2017). People were being arrested from the mass protest happening and then Gov. Andrew Cuomo then ordered the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to reverse the decision of arrestment and to only remove the people that did not have tickets. He was outraged of the matter that police officers were doing to people who were trying to speak out of unjust behavior to the Latino community. Cuomo also told state police and the transportation authority to help with security and transportation for protesters. “The people of New York will have their voices heard” (Ralph Ellis, 2017). This shows that people can make a difference to show change by making people speak out because this country is ours and not just one specific group of people. Hopefully acts like this can finally pass a bill that will make everyone better off such as giving Latinos a citizenship and the right to get financial opportunities to a better education in some restrictions because I do believe that the only restriction that should be there is that only the right people should earn that category of living in the US and not the wrong people for instance people that may cause harm to society like a criminal. I say this because there still needs to be a sort of protection and safety in the US from any criminal actions from any person. The people’s will of freedom and equality is another act of protest. It can make a difference for the next generation and families to have a better chance to give their kids a better future. Such as in education, resources, and a better definition of what truly being American is. It will break the wall between so called “aliens” “foreigners” and Americans.


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