The story of me

What can I say about the story of my life in 100 words? It’s kind of hard when you actually have to think about it. You either want to write something cool and epic so people actually think you have this awesome life and all which will be a lie or write the truth in hopes someone finds it somewhat okay.

Here goes the story of my life in 100 words:

It starts off with a teenage girl who is trying to figure out who she is in this world. This bibliophile fangirl who is weird and is crazy yet only a few get to see. A food lover who will rather stay home binge watching shows while eating junk food with friends. A girl who loves spending time with friends and goofing around. If she could she would wear sweats and a loose t-shirt for life. She is lazy most of the time and procrastinates a lot. And this is the story of my life in one hundred simple words.

A song that means something to me

This song is very special to me because my brother and I danced to it in my birthday party. It is special because it was in my 15th birthday party or quinceañera. This song reminds me of all the great memories with my friends and family on my special day.

9:00 p.m picture on a Friday night

In this picture I am in the car in Chicago with my family.

People who inspire me

1. Emma Watson (photo credit to what I admire most about Emma Watson is that she fights for gender equality. She fights for the future of the children all over the world.

2. J.K Rowling (photo credit What I admire about J.K Rowling is that she inspire other to never give up.

3. Victoria Beckham (phot credit What I admire most of Victoria is that she a successful businesswoman and has a successful fashion line.

A place I want to visit


A place I really want to visit is Greece because it is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy oneself. Hopefully in the future I get the chance to go and visit.

3 images of my perception of America

Image 1

This photo demonstrates my perception of life in America. Without this people fighting in the field for the safety of everyone in America we wouldn’t be safe. Men and women in the armed forces fight for the freedom and the future of everyone especially the children’s. (Photo credit

Image 2

This picture represents one perception of America. America has given jobs to many people in need. Having a job is very important to people because without it they won’t have money and support their family. (Photo credit:

Image 2

This image represents my perception of America. America is one of the few that give children an education. It is a privilege to have an education because not many kids get the chance to have an education. With an education the children have a chance to have a good job and be something in this world. (Photo credit:

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