Do Startups Have a Drinking Problem?
Sarah Jane Coffey

Great post and thanks for sharing your experience, it must not have been easy to do. I totally agree with you that being a non-drinker in today’s society is definitely quite hard. I decided to stop drinking this year and it feels like people have a really hard time understanding. Even my father wanted me to have a drink with him on his birthday, just one! I think the problem is broader than startup culture (although I’m in that ecosystem so I can totally relate as well). When co-working spaces like WeWork offer free beer on tap as one of it’s perks, you can tell how important it is to their target market (I definitely won’t be moving my startup there). I would much rather have a nice smoothie or juice than a pint of beer. Being sober has been incredible so far, I wake up nice and early without an alarm everyday, I’m in a much better shape and lost weight, I never wake up with an headache and I still can have a lot of fun. It’s also great on your wallet! I’m not sure why society has such a hard time dealing with people who do not drink and treat them as if they were the ones that have a problem.

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