The Sprint

Ideation is the process of generating many ideas in a certain amount of time. In the Ideation Sprint, the task at hand was to think of 10 diverging ideas about a certain topic, such as commuting, and sketch these ideas with labels in a sketchbook. Then, one idea was chosen to be modified into 10 other ideas that were to be sketched as well. The labeled sketches were representations of the ideas and was a way to put the ideas into paper so that they can be communicated to other people. In the end, one idea was chosen as the most promising to theoretically produce, and I chose it by considering the efficiency, practicality, and easiness of production of that one idea.

Examples of the sketches of my ideas. The one on the left is of the original 10 and the one on the right is one of the modifications and is also the most promising.

The Reflection

Practicing ideation made me think about how ideas are generated. It made me think about how I can improve the generation of ideas in terms of speed and practicality. What kind of processes can I use to achieve this? One problem that I experienced was that I was taking too long to think up of another idea and I was just not as inspired as I would have liked. In the future, this is something that I would like to address and improve upon.

The Frustration

Ideation is something that I struggled with and so I was mildly frustrated during this sprint. I felt that I was not quickly generating good ideas fast enough and I felt that most of the ideas that I had come up with were not good enough to put down on paper. Deferring judgement was something that I tried to do, but in the back of my mind, it was still there. By the end of the project, however, I worked out all of these issues and was able to finally convince myself to not judge my ideas.

The Application to Society

This process of sketching with an eye toward ideation is an important process because this is a useful tool for many innovative design ideas to be born. The best ideas could potentially be hidden underneath other ideas and the sketching process can unearth these ideas through inspiration from other ideas. An example of this is the airplane, over many years there were different kinds of airplane designs and most likely, many sketches of the variations. Because of the variety of ideas that were generated, although not always being able to be produced, impactful technology can be created to be beneficial to society.

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