obligatory welcome/hello/introduction

Let me apologize for the informal nature of the title. I am not certain if this part is necessary, but I believe it would be more considerate to do so.

I am Ralph Aaron Aguinaldo. At the time of writing, I am currently on my fifth and hopefully last year as an undergraduate under the course program Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics in the National Institute of Physics-University of the Philippines.

This blog’s purpose is, for all honesty, a requirement for my Applied Physics 186 class ( Instrumentation Physics II) under Dr. Maricor Soriano, (whom we refer to as Ma’am Jing). I really enjoyed the prerequisite class with her,since I was able to have fun while learning, a signature trait of Ma’am Jing’s classes.

Thank you so much for the inspiring reminder Professor Farnsworth! Retrieved from quickmeme.com

Working on something tangible and can be tested and tweaked right in front of you is a good break from the idealized equations and models I need to learn in this course. Also, I got to play with my childhood LEGOs in my synthesis project. Kudos to JK Sanchez and Gio Jubilo for our successful project.

The height selector relay motor during testing. Its motor runs on badassium.
Kudos to JK Sanchez and Gio Jubilo for our successful height selector relay project. I’m sorry but the flames had to go..

This blog will be where I will be putting my outputs for each activity, along with my self-evaluation and reflections about it. As was started above, and as per instruction, I’ll keep it light and informal.

Ma’am Jing said that by experience, keeping blogs and journals like this helps, both in experimentation and keeping the flow of thoughts and ideas. I think I get the idea. As a scientist, it is important that I am able to look back and reflect on my thoughts and actions, especially the obscure and mistaken ones.

I am not sure if I will keep this blog going after the semester, since I am not a big fan of posting my ideas online. But now that I think about it, I think I would keep a journal to keep track of the things I may forget or need to recall. Every now and then, I enjoy the warmth felt when I look back at the day before I sleep, more so when I look at letters, pictures and memorabilia of my experiences years ago. It is both systematic and therapeutic , two of the things I look for in a worthwhile activity. By the time of writing, I’ve started binge-watching on Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, which would explain the banner over my profile. As with the scientist-heroes of the series, it inspires me to do some record keeping myself, both for academic and personal purposes.

I believe it is quite long for an introductory piece, so I should probably cut this down now. I hope I will make your reading time worthwhile. As my professor in creative writing would say,

Asking someone to read your work is a very big favor. You are asking a person to spend a fraction of his or her one and only life on whatever shit you came up with.