The Problem with Following Your Bliss

I was talking to a client who insisted that they were following their bliss (as Joseph Campbell called on us to do) and was frustrated that it was not happening quickly enough.

I told the client, you are never going to get there. Your bliss will never arrive. He was a little shocked, but I expanded.. the TRAP of following your bliss is this. It is dependent on you being present and available enough to see, touch and experience that thing you are chasing — bliss.

Today in our culture we expect a lot of instant success. People expect to launch a website and become famous. We expect our instagram accounts will fuel a life of passion with every need met. This is actually far from the truth. Despite the connectedness of today, we are actually that much more disconnected from one another and ourselves. I think what Campbell was really saying underneath his famous quote was to “be present in your bliss and follow that”.

As a coach, when I am present with my clients, when I can truly see the world through their eyes and ask the hard questions, I am in my bliss. When I am absent, thinking of things I forgot to do or should be doing — in any task. I am in departure from my bliss. From the life I want to be living. My mind is disconnected from my body.

So, I said to my client. Let’s work on mindfulness, on being present and in there — perhaps you will find this thing you are chasing called bliss.