Fishes & H2O

In order to create a prototype app that would enable citizens, more specifically fishermen, to help environmental researchers collect useful data for water quality in the Puget Sound area. Creating an app has to be made for people who can use this to their benefit. I then brainstormed what fisherman can measure while they are in the water and how it can be beneficial to them and researchers. Afterwards I had to come up with a reason to why the user will want to continue using the app. Some examples were being rewarded with virtual trophies or just in some sense be able to collaborate with researchers.

The first process of the app (user, water measurements, & motivation)

Afterwards I started to draw an outline of the things I would like my app to have. For example, the different types of screens it would have and the functions they would have.

Outline for app

And finally I asked someone to try out my prototype. I explained to them what each screen would do as well as the different functions the app has and how it would be beneficial to fishermen and researchers.

Video of a friend testing out my prototype

Throughout the process of creating this prototype I had trouble coming up with a user. Unlike developing an idea for the smart screen for fire trucks this was a lot different. I actually had a chance to create the prototype so I was faced with the challenge of making sure everything worked. I actually had a taste of the types of issues app developers have to deal with. Afterwards I realized that some fishermen may or may not have the equipment to test the water so this app would not be beneficial to them unless they just want to read about reports uploaded. If I could do something differently I would address this problem and figure out a solution to how they can test the water without the extra equipment.

I really liked the fact that this project was more hands on. When we created the smart screen for the fire trucks I just drew out how each screen would look like but I never actually created a prototype. Creating this prototype required more thought put into it. I was able to see how my prototype would function if I were ever to create the actual app. Also, it involved the Puget Sound area so I had more of a connection to it since I am from Washington. I felt as if one day my community would be able to use my prototype.

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