Trust on the user words, but don’t forget your feelings

What's the purpose of your product (Jeffrey Betts-

Every product has a purpose, a reason to born. In this birth cycle, research, user feedback and prototyping have a huge role in the future of product success. But where is the place for the designer feelings?

Recently, I worked on a product redesign project, which helps me to remind the role of my feelings and my background in the success of the product.

We have a challenge to redesign a tool, ad new features and improve its usability.

I choose to start the project from a benchmark for different tools, and then jump to a research with the user.

Every tool that I choose as benchmark was simple, user friendly. Some of then were designed to serve a wider audience, which was not my case.

The next step, the user feedback was a little frustrating. Too many constraints, too many details for a tool supposed to be user friendly.

When my team sits to start the project, we can feel the anxiety on the air. The user feedback was dropping us into a non-return journey.

At this moment, I realize that they are using this tool for so long time, that their brain can only see the process of their work on this way.

This is was the moment when I hear a voice saying, “You can fulfill all user needs using a totally different approach.”

I breath deeply and share my thoughts with the develop team and after two months of intense work, we released a tool full of new features and with a totally different approach on the UX standpoint.

Release the tool for the users was a moment when I fill a kind of fear. I wasn’t sure if they would love it. But I was confident.

When I seated next to heaviest user of the system and he perform all the tasks without further explanation, I remember that little voice. It was worth to take the risk and innovate.

Don’t forget. Design with a purpose and your user is the key. But only using your feelings and your background that you will deliver something relevant and innovative.

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