My welcoming speech to international students in Seoul

Last week I had the opportunity to welcome the more than 100 international students who are part of the summer program at the University of Seoul. This is what I said:

I hope that by now everyone already have their blankets and sheets for your beds after the panic shopping yesterday at midnight.

To be honest, I feel very honored to be here. Seoul is an amazing city. And Korea is a country with an amazing history. With a unique present. And a very promising future.

My name is Alfonso, I came from Mexico. But it does not really matter where we come from. We all have a lot to learn from Korea.

I know that for some people it is difficult to adapt. But these are the days to be strong and learn.

We have to see it this way: we are changing our own history. From the moment we arrived here, we stepped out of our comfort zone. And the success stories around the world confirm: when we leave our comfort zone, that’s when the incredible things happen in our lives.

Actually, I’m really excited about the classes I’m going to take. I know everyone is, because we all choose what we like the most.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope this is one of my best experiences in my life.

I hope to have inspiring teachers. And amazing classes. But in the end, everything depends on us. The ingredient to take advantage of the things in our life is passion.

And to our friends in Seoul, or as we call them now, SeoulMates, thank you very much for everything. This trip is easier with your help.

So let’s forget the blankets, and the toilet paper shopping, and let’s start enjoying every moment from now on. And let’s learn the Korean way of doing things.

Good luck. And I hope to meet you all.

Update: Some memories from the trip:

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