Climate Change in the TRUMP ERA

As humans we all recognize the change of seasons and weather but we never take a chance to think of how all of the seasonal changes can affect us. As imperfect as we are, we only recognize our selfish man made disasters once it is too late, and then we fill our hearts with regret and blame. Even worse is with such dire warnings like earthquakes and floods, one can still ignore it just to make a few bucks at the expense of future generations. Stacking onto this pile of late notice, our own government still have the audacity to ignore the warnings of scientist just to create a few jobs and destroy the environment. Taking advantage of the ignorance, politicians are still able to get the vote, promising jobs like coal and fracking. These politicians are hurting the environment by creating and terminating policies meant to hurt the environment and maximize profits for the very wealthy like our current president which is unfortunate to say.

While Republicans plan on keeping their majority in government from local elections to national ones, it is fair to say that a growing opposition known as the Resistance is fighting their tireless efforts to take us back in time where factories can pollute the air we breath and dirty radiation can poison the water we drink, all in the name of free market. With the current administration doubting the clear existing threat of climate change, President Trump promise to protect our clean air and water but placed that responsibility on the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Unsurprisingly the head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt who is appointed by the President does not believe in climate change and plans on ruling out regulations and policies that “hurts” the American worker.

Putting America first by prioritizing the American worker is crucial we must also think about the American worker who rely on the environment for jobs. From those who protect our beautiful national parks to our vast marine life and wildlife which is now at risk because of the administration plan to cut “wasteful” spending. The fact is that most Americans agree that we must protect our wildlife like endangered animals but having a fiscal conservative in the White House comes at a cost and a deficit. Not that it matters because what’s the point of saving wildlife when we can’t even save our nation from the threat of climate change?

While all the other nations in the world except for three, including America agree on the Paris Climate Agreement, President Trump pulled out because he was “elected by the people of Pittsburgh not Paris”. An agreement that have been planned for so long to gather the world on this issue was simply taken out by a President who didn’t care, who didn’t care that one of the most influential countries, the United States of America was going to pull out just to satisfy some voters. Ironically his campaign rhetoric on having a competitive economy by beating countries like China on trade are actually are doing the opposite. Countries like China are actually working to reduce the amount of carbon emissions and still have an economy that is robust and booming unlike the United States which is trying to be dependent on coal.

If I may give advice to the President, I would say “Let’s have a global competitive economy that puts America First with jobs in renewable energy and 21st century jobs that can rebuild America’s infrastructure and America’s standing on the global stage.” As you said Mr. President, you won because you understood the pain of the unheard American but how come you aren’t doing anything positive about it? Why bring us back in time when you can lead us forward like a true president by commanding your Congress to act on legislation that can satisfy all of America, not just the few?

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