Soma : A Decentralized Social Marketplace

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soma is a social marketplace where users get rewarded for the social interaction and by creating the social wealth within the community through the SCT (soma community token). soma is a marketplace where members can trade securely and reliably for the desired items . The soma ensures that the every member who contribute in creating the social value get reward for doing so.

soma has the patent-pending Interactive Item Card (IIC). which keep the record of the every physical item on the platform it will be used to track down the history, price development of the physical product. The traditional trading is now contracted and limited to websites where there is no social interaction between the parties, soma aims to solve this problem by offering a social platform where the parties interact with each other this will bring back the social aspects of trading. By liking, sharing and following the users of the soma platform will create the social value and for which soma will reward the members of the platform through the soma tokens.

What Makes the soma different?

Soma offers the the multiple options for the payment on its platform not just the crypto currency the fiat currency option is also there. As with the growth of the social community and the social wealth of the platform the value of the SCT token will increase. It will benefit the community in the number of ways either it is the better interaction and know how of the product or either it is the low transaction fees in the long term.


Soma community token is a ERC 20 token which will be used to lubricate the trade around the globe along with the facilitation of the the expansion of the Soma platform. The promoter will be rewarded with the soma tokens for promoting and sharing the product.


users can deposit the money into their account by credit card or through paypal etc but the payments in the platform will happen in cryptocurrencies only but the prices will be shown in fiat currency for the clarity. Not all the world is familiar with the cryptocurrincies for these users soma will give an incentive to use the SCT token for the token which will make it easy.


For the security of the buyer soma platform will provide the escrow service and it will hold the payment until the product of explained quality will receive to the buyer. This will increase the safety of the customers and this will not be like the traditional online shopping where you can be scammed.

There will be an arbiter between both parties which will act as trusted party between both parties, i.e seller and buyer. The arbiter will help to resolve the dispute if any occurs and will receive a nominal fee for the services provided. There will be the rating on the platform for all of three parties by which the behavior of the parties can be judged.


The the crowdsale is open from 26 sept and 14000+ Eth has raised till now

Accepted payment: ETH


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