Ballet: An art or a sport?

If you don’t think ballet is a sport, think again. Dancing is clearly an artistic endeavor, but it also requires great physical skill and puts great physical demands on the body.

Since i was five years old, ballet has been in my life. I started with the enthusiasm of all the girls to wear like a dancer and play to be one of them. However, as the years came by, I became in love with the idea of this sport and it became very special to me.

Despite almost everyone think ballet is just a game or an art, ballet requires lots of hard-work and training. Been able to stretch, having balance and good posture, are one of many advantages of doing it.
Doing ballet is highly recommended for everyone that do not like to play any traditional sport. The only things you need are a leotard, a tutu skirt and after a certain time of being practicing it a pointe shoes.
The sensation of getting up in the scenario, for doing what you like and realizing how all the effort and practicing is really worthy.

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