The cake boss

Buddy Valastro is an a american baker, famous for having a TV show that shows his cake shop and his world-known cakes.

This cake shop is a work of his predcessors, he began to work in the cake shop when he was only 11 “I always helped my dad bake cakes, but I had to learn the ropes before I could start making my own” he said in a interview with This TV show allows him to make knowed his fathers dream, “As long as I’m doing that, I’m doing my job” he declared.

His bakery itself, his national shipping, the cake decorating and baking classes. Outside of that he owns his TV show, books, tours and new bakeware line. Besides of his agitated life, he is glad of gathering in his home with his three sons and wife and being in family. This remind him the times when he made his first cake for his mother birthday. “It was a little crooked but she loved it”

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