Woman’s discrimination through history

Women has achieved a more active role in today’s society. Moreover, that is because of a long fight that it still remaining nowadays. The movie “ Hidden Figures” it is an a example of that fight for the gender equality.

The path of the women through human history has being full of obstacles until it had the power of participating at the society. Because of her physical size and strength, womens have been relegated to her role in related physical activities that were really important in the dawn of mankind. This remained like this through history because of catholicism, that gives the woman a role of inferiority.

This began to change in the industrial revolution even though they had lower salary and subhuman condition. Womans began their empowerment in the WWII when they began to take an active part. After those years, all the women’s rights have being recognized in the civilized countries, but not for everyone. Black people was still segregated.

In conclusion, the search of the women for equality is advancing little by little. Although, a part of the society still has that old ideas of believing women are inferior but the key is in them to believe in their power of will and remain defending their rights.

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