Time To Write Your Own Story

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The path to San Francisco, one of the greatest challenges I took last year

Every 1st of January I get really excited about the opportunity of starting new things. I’m not really sure why we humans rely so much on the calendar year but it seems like we have culturally accepted that every new years is a fresh new start. A couple of years ago I decided to embrace that fact and started taking personal challenges every 1st of January. Today I start my 2018 challenges and starting to write a blog is one of them.

For years I’ve been writing posts without publishing them because I feared they weren’t good enough. I reviewed them over and over again, always trying to get them somehow more perfect. But months passed by and I wouldn’t publish them as they were never at my standards or just no longer relevant to readers.

Perfectionism has always been one of my greatest virtues and defects at the same time. On the one hand it allowed me to do things that I was good at in an outstanding manner. But on the other hand it made me get stuck with some others at which I wasn’t great.

During my college years while I was a computer engineering student, we had many of this exams where you had to score at least two correct exercises out of three to pass the exam. My problem here was that two out of three wasn’t good enough for me so, if I got stuck with the first exercise then I would never move past that one, even if I knew I could make the last two perfectly. This was extremely tough on me as, most of the times, exams were designed to only allow extraordinary students to get the three exercises correct. Most of the students that passed scored only two correct exercises. By the end of college I grew up and decided to leave my perfectionism slightly on the side and be more strategic about exam resolution, otherwise I still doubt I would have graduated.

Today I kickoff some new and exciting challenges for this 2018, some by myself and some with my teams, family and friends. But all of them have something in common and that is that they’re meant to make 2018 a memorable year, even if it’s something only I will be able to appreciate in a couple of years.

So, what are your 2018 challenges? Those that will make 2018 a memorable year for you, your beloved ones and even some person you have not yet met?Those challenges that will allow you to grow, make a mark in this world and that will for sure make you proud of yourself in a couple of years. Today is a great day to start.

Happy New Year to all of you!