Ferroform: Organic Responsiveness in the Built World

Anna Gusman + Ava Kling


Concept Sketch

Magnetism with Ferrofluid

Exploration Goals


Ferrofluid reacting to the shifting magnetic field.

Ferrofluid oxidizing and conglomerating on the surface of water

Texture Explorations

More texture analysis. Comparison of hybrid ferrofluid and iron filing material to a sea urchin :)

Ink and Iron Filament Explorations

Ferrofluid + Iron Filament Hybrid Explorations

Light Explorations

Mold Casting- Form Abstraction

Logic and Parametrization of the Built Form

Modeling Magnetic Fields in Grasshopper

  1. Create the boundary for the range of the field

Exploring Flexibility and Reactivity

Working With Glass

Laser-cutting Parts


Acrylic sheeting, Acrylic rods




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