Organizing myself has been a challenge that led me down the “productivity” rabbit hole during the last years. I love trying different ways of organizing the things I want to do. I realized this year that I have been using the same method for 2 years now, and that’s a lot of time, so I wanted to share…

The system I currently use is a result of many iterations. By no means do I consider myself a “productivity” master. I don’t even like the word productivity. …

If your company is willing to hear what customers have to say, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the amount of feedback you’ll get. Luckily, we get a ton of feedback at MURAL.

Organizing and synthesizing feedback and research is critical for us.

In the last post, I mentioned that each product team at MURAL has an “Icebox” of ideas, opportunities, and observations from which Product Managers find patterns and spot trends about what seems to be the most important underlying themes we should focus on.

An Icebox mural of a product team looks something like this:

What should we do next? That might be the most important question a product decision maker has to answer, several times a year.

Originally posted at MURAL’s blog

Although there are many prioritization methods out there shared by different “experts”, it’s still really hard to decide what projects your team has to face next.

Over the years, we went back and forth with the way in which we decided what to build next at MURAL. In this post, I’ll be summarising our current product planning process.

At MURAL, like at many other companies, we plan our product releases on a quarterly basis. We divide each year into four quarters (Qs): Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

During the last week of a Q, we…

Existen muchas formas para decidir que construir. Hay infinitas formas de hacerlo y creo que es muy difícil evaluar cual es la mejor. Con el correr de los años, fuimos yendo y viniendo en la forma en que decidimos lo próximo a hacer en MURAL.

En MURAL, como en muchas empresas, planeamos de forma trimestral, es decir por quarter. A cada año lo dividimos en cuatro quarters: Q1, Q2, Q3, y Q4.

Durante la ultima semana del Q empezamos a planear y este proceso lleva aproximadamente 2 semanas. El output de la etapa de Planning es un listado de cosas…

Tying customers needs to product features is a challenge for most product and development teams. At MURAL, we try to solve this issue by using jobs to be done.

Originally posted at MURAL’s blog.

In the past couple of months there has been plenty of discussions about what jtbd is. This led to a surge of different approaches on how to apply jobs to be done to build new features and products. At MURAL, we’ve experimented with the different methods and arrived at an approach that directly ties JTBD to product development.

In a nutshell, we use personas, scenarios and a job map to anchor customer needs. This provide the global context for all possible customer opportunities. Then, we generate job stories for each local project or feature.


Este año conocí mucha gente con interés en pasar a posiciones de producto en sus organizaciones. El rol del Product Manager se está popularizando desde hace varios años, sobre todo en Silicon Valley. A raíz de esto, armé una lista de artículos, links, cursos y videos que me ayudaron a formarme en este rol durante estos años como Product Manager en Three Melons, Playdom, Disney y MURAL. Si bien hay muchísimo más contenido disponible, listé únicamente lo que alguna vez puse en practica como PM.

En mi opinión un buen Product Manager, debería dominar cada uno de estas áreas:

  • Visión y estrategia 🚀
  • Planeamiento y priorización 🗺
  • Resolución de Problemas y toma de decisiones 🎯
  • Project management 📅
  • Research y Human factors 🔎
  • Diseño UX/UI 🖌
  • Análisis de Datos 📊
  • Facilitación 👥
  • Comunicación y negociación 📢
  • Finanzas y Marketing 💰
  • Programación básica 💻

Es por eso que todo el contenido que comparto está organizado en estos tópicos.

Visión y estrategia de producto 🚀

Definir la visión y la estrategia de producto de forma clara es realmente muy importante para un Product Manager. Poder explicar hacia donde se debe ir con el…

Agustin Soler

Founder and Head of Product at MURAL

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