Some UX last improvements at Wideo

I’m just sharing here some user experience little but significant improvements we’ve just launched for our Video Marketing Platform Wideo

/ Easier image replacement

Usually, users needed to click “replace” in the object toolbox, and then surf through the left panel to find out that they could replace that object by 4 different kind of images.

We’ve decided to incorporate a small shortcut there that sort of asks you intuitively “hey, what kind of image do you want to replace this with?”

From there, the user can access to vector/animated object libraries, previous uploaded gifs or static images, upload new ones, or directly search in Google images right from inside the editor (which saves tons of time being able to search, choose and insert all right from there)

/ New text editing engine

This took a lot of time and effort to our awesome developer team, but finally we can enjoy it.

Wideo users can now manipulate text boxes with full editing control, and this allows them to:

. scale a text size as an object, but also with an accurate numeric font size;

. wrap a paragraph width, where the text fits automatically (usually having to press enter to create paragraphs ‘sorry for the delay!’);

. edit any word or letter independently inside the same paragraph (bold, italic, different font types, colors and size);

. select more than one text object and apply a property to both at the same time

I think any designer (like me) or user that focuses on details, will find a lot of value in this improvement. It was like a debt or must have to ourselves.
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