Top 10 Tips to Fight the Examination Stress

“What will I do if I won’t clear my board exam? What will my friends and relatives think about me? What about the money my parents invested in those expensive coaching classes for me?

Suddenly you start feeling like the most retarded person on planet earth. What to do? Where to go? Whom to approach?

Are these kinds of questions and feelings bothering you while you are trying to concentrate on a typically complicated math problem?

But hey!! You have worked hard all round the year, and all that hard work was only and only meant for this particular time…Right? You have invested one complete year on this and the sole aim of all those late night studies, group studies, coaching classes, and what not, was to make you prepared for this particular time i.e. the examinations. Then why exactly are you so puzzled???

If this is the case, then my friend, acknowledge that you are going through a sheer phase of “STRESS!!” But you know what, we have a good news for you, and that is “You are not alone!!” You have a fraternity of millions of people globally who feel the same way.

In the article below, we will first see what exactly stress is, and will then focus on the top ways you can beat stress.

Stress and its Effects:

The stress is that particular feeling which you tend to experience under the conditions of pressure, for instance, social pressure, professional pressure, and also the one we are discussing here i.e. examination pressure.

So what exactly happens when you are under the condition called stress, which arises as a result of examination pressure is:

1. It reduces your ability to perform and analyze

2. Your mind works slow

3. You start doubting your own abilities

4. Your heart beat increases

5. You start sweating

6. You lose confidence

7. Your performance starts to degrade

How to Fight the Examination Stress?

Here is the million dollar answer on how to handle stress for your board exams which are nothing else but hidden in the understanding of stress only. Here are the top 10 tips you can adopt so as to fight stress:

1. Time is the Key: Time plays a major role when it comes to fighting examination stress. Prepare a schedule and see to it that you do follow the same. Keep enough time for revision later and always devote some time for mock exams. The more mock question papers you solve, the more confident you will be on the examination day.

2. Divide and Rule: Divide your syllabus into smaller portions and identify the areas you need to work upon. Allot more time to the weaker areas so as to enhance your understanding of them. Keep a check whether you are able to finish the portions within the allotted timeline or not.

3. Compete with Yourself: You are your best judge yourself. You need not compare yourself with others as each and every individual is different and it’s not worth comparing one with the other. It’s thus better to keep a track of your own grades and try to improve upon your own performance with every coming examination.

4. Stay Motivated: Get motivated by people who are good performers in real life. Read about them and learn from them. There are a number of successful people who excelled in academics and there are also people who were though not so good in it, but still they turned out to be winners in life.

5. Take Proper Sleep: Do not underestimate the importance of sleep as it is extremely important for your brain to breathe out the stress, and this will not happen until and unless you sleep enough. Sound sleep in necessary to freshen up your mind and body, and to give you the vigor to start up fresh with your studies the next day.

6. Cramming is indeed a bad idea: Never try to mug up answers just before the exam. This last minute cramming will stick in your mind like dirt and block your creativity of answering. Your mind has to be relaxed before writing the paper.

7. Give it a Break: Give yourself proper breaks and do whatever you like. Let it be Singing/dancing/writing/going for a walk/eating chocolates or whatever. But hey, don’t get carried away. Do take 15–20 minute breaks after every 1.5 hours of studying. It really works! Rather than getting stressed because of the exam pressure, try to enjoy the situation. The day you start enjoying your exams, your performance will automatically improve.

8. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: One of the most important stress busters is to keep yourself physically fit. Get engaged in some kind of yoga or at least do meditate for 15 minutes every morning. This is very important as a healthy mind stays only in a healthy body. Do proper exercise, drink plenty of water, have your food on time, and sleep on time.

9. Stay Alert: Beware of that one friend who keeps on telling you that he/she doesn’t study at all, but clears all exams with panache. This doesn’t happen in reality. These are the people who always have a sense of competition with everyone, and as a result, while they themselves do complete their studies in time, they keep on distracting others by saying deceptive things.

10. Keep a Positive Outlook: Who doesn’t want to welcome success? But even if it is the other way round and you happen to score fewer marks in the exam, do take it positively. It is not the end of the world after all? In Short, “Try for the best, but be prepared for the worst.”

Always remember, it is your wisdom which will make you successful in life, and not the marks you score. What we get from the books and the outside world is information, wisdom comes from our own experience and mistakes. Hence, keep a positive outlook and stay prepared to welcome the verdict either way.

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