Graphic Design is creative problem solving

The crafting of effective, project specific solutions

Christopher Allen
May 25, 2014 · 2 min read

Let’s start with a question. Why would you hire a graphic designer? You may be thinking to yourself that it’s because I need a website, a logo, a business card, a brochure, or some other form of visual communication media for my business. And of course these are all valid reasons to seek out the services of a graphic designer.

However, what is the true role of a graphic designer? What expertise do they provide?

Designers are creative problem solvers.

As a designer I believe that it’s important to understand that design and problem solving go hand in hand. Graphic design is about addressing a client’s unique problem with a very specific and effective solution. It’s an iterative process; the result of information gathering, research, strategy, conceptualization, revision and implementation.

It’s about more than just making it looking good.

Design is not only about producing beautiful work as there is more to it than the visual aesthetics. Designers have a desire to provide a solution to a need, a problem. They’re also curious, observant, willing to listen and continually learn.

There needs to be a rationality behind each design.

Decisions as to design direction must be the result of due diligence on both the part of a designer and client. Recall that design is a process of which a considerable portion is information gathering and research. Therefore, an effective solution requires that significant time be spent attaining as complete an understanding as possible of the client’s aspirations for the project.

Crafting effective, project specific solutions.

Once equipped with the proper information a designer can begin the process of crafting effective, project specific solutions that embrace ideation and innovation.

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