Need to know more about the Technology behind Googlebot


Need to know more about the Technology behind Googlebot


There is a vast apprehensiveness that exists when we try to understand how Google actually crawl an individual websites. Since crawling and indexing has become the most important aspect to be highlighted, people have to have fair knowledge about the differences between crawling and indexing. The launch of Google Panda has proved to be really helpful as people could improve their indexing through server logs and crawling statistics. The most effective tool is Google Search Console and the Fetch and Render tool.

There are several doubts about how Google indexes the contents as a particular website includes more than HTML and CSS. It is equally difficult to understand the exact problem and discover the fragments of code responsible for indexing problems, even if you understand that your page was not indexed properly.

Behind the Web Rendering Service, Google Chrome 41 is the most powerful technology. Web Rendering Services can be used to troubleshoot technical problems, which otherwise could have been resolved with experimenting and creating staging environments. Googlebot and Google Search Console Bot render pages using Chrome 41 render pages.

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To debug Googlebot, Google Chrome is the most effective tool. Google Search Console renders CSS a little differently than Chrome 41. Chrome 41 is extremely powerful toll for debugging JavaScript crawling and indexing. There are features supported by Googlebot and Web Rendering Services.

1. Googlebot does not support IndexedDB, WebSQL and WebGL.

2. HTTP cookies and local storage as well as session storage are cleaned between page loads.

3. All features that require User Permission like Notification API, Clipboard, Push and device info as disabled.

4. Indexing of 3D and VR content is not possible by Google.

5. HTTP/1.1 crawling is only supported by Googlebot.

Chrome 59’s headless mode was created for Googlebot that will make things possible for the Googlebot to see the website as the regular internet users. This will make the things much easy and convenient for the developers as they no longer have to think about the ability of the Google to crawl much complex websites.


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