National Call of Action for “Me” Day

I don’t need to get woke. I need to get sleep.

Let’s face it. We can’t continue this pace forever. Our passion may burn brightly, but our bodies will burn out. I suddenly feel like I’m back in college only I’m 24 years older and the mileage is showing. So, we’re going to have to do this in shifts to maintain constant pressure while individually pausing to take a breath.

10 Things I Will Do on National “Me” Days

10.Eat a meal without streaming a call on “how to resist” in the middle of my dinner table.

9.Stop reading and writing on my phone in the middle of the night — lest I become the walking dead.

8.Buy a hard copy of a newspaper with color cartoons and puzzles. Laugh. Scribble. Repeat.

7.Drink a proper cup of tea — instead of letting it steep and sit there for two hours as I schedule meetings.

6. Binge watch a television show that does not mention or deal with communities attacked by Trump. Wait. Then, I’m left with reruns of the Amish Mafia. (Let me rethink.)

6.Breathe in and out deeply. Stop fearing what’s next and waiting to exhale. (That’s better.)

5.Sleep in my bed — instead of rolling around in it like a pig in mud.

4.Cease and desist panic-ridden text messages to friends about the latest Trump nightmare. They need a break. How about this instead?

3.Take a walk that actually gets my heart rate up and does not require a sign.

2.Read a book where I get to figure out whodunnit and not who did it to me.

1.Talk to my husband about someone other than Donald Trump before we go to bed. (Trump’s not talking to Melania about us.)