Why I chose nimbus note as my note-taking app

There are a myriad number of note-keeper Apps available for all platforms. As I am enthusiastic about trying out various applications to discover the most impeccable one, I have tested some of the most renowned ones like Google Keep, Evernote, Simple Note, … .
Nimbus note was one of them that I finally transfer my notes to it from Evernote and Google keep. I like to succinctly share my experiences to you.

Nimbus note interface

Actionable features:
1- Exporting notes to Json, Html and importing them from other Apps like Evernote, MS Word, Opera, … . (Google Keep does not cater it for users)
2- It is available for almost all platforms, namely Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Chrome extension, … 
3- You have a sync button to use it manually. Thus, you can be sure that your notes are synced before shutting down the computer!
4- You can make folders and sub folders to categorize your notes. It is unlike other Apps like Google keep and Evernote that you are not able to do it or you have many limitations. 
5- Unlike Evernote, most of its features are free. Accessing to your account on different platforms simultaneously was one of my problem on Evernote. It allows users to have just 3 active sessions in free accounts. However, in Nimbus Note, there is no restriction in this area.
6- By using Rich text editor of nimbus note, you can make your sentences distinguishable and easy to read.

1- It is not provided as a Linux program. (However, you can use chrome extension of it easily)
2- Some minor problems of text editor in android version
3-Very weak and old-fashion in graphical appearance (especially in Windows software and chrome extension).Nevertheless, It is not among my criteria.

To sum up, it is concurred that the merits of this app really outweigh the downsides and I have gravitated toward using it as a storage for my learning notes. You can try out it by looking at its website.