How to use Laravel with Socket.IO

“Why don’t you just use Pusher?”

“We want to have an unlimited number of connections”

We don’t want to worry about limitations.

Create Your Event

php artisan make:event MessagePushed

Install Redis

BROADCAST_DRIVER=redisQUEUE_DRIVER=redis(this is from the horizon setup actually, but we will need that for later)REDIS_HOST=

Install Laravel Echo Server

npm install -g laravel-echo-server
laravel-echo-server init
{"authHost": "","authEndpoint": "/broadcasting/auth","clients": [{"appId": "my-app-id","key": "my-key-generated-with-init-command"}],"database": "redis","databaseConfig": {"redis": {},"sqlite": {"databasePath": "/database/laravel-echo-server.sqlite"},"port": "6379","host": ""},"devMode": false,"host": null,"port": "6001","protocol": "http","socketio": {},"sslCertPath": "","sslKeyPath": "","sslCertChainPath": "","sslPassphrase": ""}
laravel-echo-server start
[program:laravel-echo]directory=/var/www/my-website-folderprocess_name=%(program_name)s_%(process_num)02dcommand=laravel-echo-server startautostart=trueautorestart=trueuser=your-linux-usernumprocs=1redirect_stderr=truestdout_logfile=/var/www/my-website-folder/storage/logs/echo.log
sudo supervisorctl stop all sudo supervisorctl rereadsudo supervisorctl reload
sudo supervisorctl status

Install Laravel Echo and Socket IO client

npm install --save laravel-echonpm install --save
import Echo from "laravel-echo" = require('');// Have this in case you stop running your laravel echo serverif (typeof io !== 'undefined') {  window.Echo = new Echo({    broadcaster: '',    host: window.location.hostname + ':6001',  });}
public function broadcastOn(){return new PresenceChannel('survey.' . $this->survey->id);}
Broadcast::channel('survey.{survey_id}', function ($user, $survey_id) {return ['id' => $user->id,'image' => $user->image(),'full_name' => $user->full_name];});
listenForBroadcast(survey_id) {Echo.join('survey.' + survey_id).here((users) => {this.users_viewing = users;this.$forceUpdate();}).joining((user) => {if (this.checkIfUserAlreadyViewingSurvey(user)) {this.users_viewing.push(user);this.$forceUpdate();}}).leaving((user) => {this.removeViewingUser(user);this.$forceUpdate();});},



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