CNA #6

Man Gets DUI Charge On Motorized Wheelchair

A 48-year-old man was cited last Friday for riding around the Conyers, Ga. Kroger while under the influence. of alcohol. The police were called after the Kroger employees found Danny W. Mitchell in the back of the store riding over plants. Mitchell told police that he was not drunk, but on prescription pills that he had come to have refilled.

An Australian Chicken Restaurant Has a Live Chicken Running Its Twitter

An Australian franchise that specializes in chicken has taken social media promoting to a whole new level. Chicken Treat has put a live hen named Betty in charge of running its Twitter account. The company has put a computer in Betty’s cage and allowed her to run over the keyboard and then tweet out the bizarre message.

Burglar Breaks Into Home, Cooks Bacon

A North Dakota woman calls the police and says that a man broke into her house and then microwaved some of her bacon and stole cans of beer that were in her refrigerator. The break in happened during normal hours of the day while the homeowner was at work and her suspicions were heightened when she got home that evening and the smell of bacon was lingering in the air. The police find it hard to charge the suspect due to his crime, but that is not the first time this community has experienced criminal activities to get bacon.

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