An Open Heart is an open wound

its that part where you feel so happy and content
the innocent feeling of falling for someone unexpectedly
the kind of feeling that you wish you can bottled it up and keep it
the kind of feeling that you want to keep on feeling all the time
no remorse, no game, no sadness, no insecurities
just love and the happiness you feel inside

the kind of feeling that makes you feel like you have so much happiness
so much that you wish you can share to others
so much till you wish you can make people feel it too
the kind of feeling that can make all the war stop

this heart has finally opened up
by someone unexpected
the fear is there.. it still is
of being treated perfectly in the beginning
with so much promises of the happy future
of being blindsided by the reality
of being crush and destroyed by the person who holds your heart

the fear of when in the middle of the road,
those happiness suddenly gone
replaced by those insecurities and being neglected
the brilliant summer once, replaced by the gloomiest fall
the trauma is still there and its clawing its way up again
coz with every open heart there will be an open wound


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