Love, Sex, and Loneliness

Very inciteful! Often, the first sexual encounter with someone is very awkward, especially if you first meet the person. However it can also be awkward if you’ve known that person in a platonic way and then changed the dynamics of the relationship from friends to lovers. I think that if you are looking for intimacy and closeness on a truly profound level, you won’t find it with the first sexual encounter, or may never find it, as long as you are not willing to put yourself out there in a vulnerable sense. Sex is the icing on the cake but it’s not the cake. Of course if you only need to lick the icing off to be satisfied, then you won’t have to look long to be satisfied.

Physical gratification is a numbers game, however a long lasting connection takes time to develop. Even if there is an initial attraction through looks and/or personality, the relationship won’t go far on just simply exchanging bodily fluids. The initial bond is like a seed. It has promise but without water and sunlight it will never take root and flourish. It must be cared for, like a human connection must be tended to. The only way to do that is to be truly open and giving. It’s an emotional risk but like anything worth having, a real soulful connection is work. You must be patient, forthcoming, and willing to invest your emotions over time.

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