12 things we can learn from the Holi Festival on fruitful living

12 things we can all learn from the Holi Festival of Colours on fruitful living.

  1. Celebrate love daily
  2. Forgive and forget past hurts and disappointments
  3. Play never ends. You can play at whatever age you are.
  4. Gratitude: Give thanks to God continually.
  5. Laugh frequently
  6. Be joyful and cheerful
  7. Mend broken relationships and reconcile
  8. Good always conquers evil
  9. Pray always
  10. There is no discrimination in love
  11. Have fun whenever you can
  12. Enjoy life

On more information about the Holi Festival of colors and how it’s celebrated, please check our article here.

Hannah Khumalo

Originally published at Ahavaha.

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