Courtney McColgan (middle) and Annie Hazlehurst (right) tour the BrightSource Plant in Israel on behalf of DFJ

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Annie Hazlehurst & Courtney McColgan

Annie Hazlehurst
Oct 26, 2017 · 2 min read

Journalists have recently reached out to us to as part of their investigations into VC culture. As women who previously worked with Steve Jurvetson and the team at DFJ, we would like to share our experience…

It is true, the VC industry along with many other male dominated industries is wrought with sexism. We, along with many of our female counterparts, have experienced it on a daily basis in many forms and forums. It’s discriminatory, demoralizing and far too often catastrophic to women’s careers. It absolutely needs to end.

However, we never encountered it at DFJ or working with Steve Jurvetson.

The fact that we are in leadership positions in the industry today is a testament to Steve and DFJ cultivating an environment where women advance professionally. DFJ thrives on intellectual curiosity and collaboration. Our contributions were respected from partner meetings to board rooms. Our accomplishments yielded promotions and long term career tracks.

And Steve was always our strongest professional champion, nominating us to speak at conferences, sit on boards and represent DFJ around the world.

We are optimistic that systemic sexism in VC and in many other industries may finally get addressed. It’s long overdue. To help get that goal achieved, we believe it is important to also tell the stories of those who have treated us as equals. For us, among those are Steve Jurvetson and the greater DFJ family.

Annie Hazlehurst

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