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How this autor left out incredibely pertinent facts about the UN creating the state of Israel, along side a state of Palestine in 1948 is pretty reckless. This was the original 2 state solution created in potential peace by the UN — not by a Zionist declaration back nearly 60 years ago. And didnt the Palestinians’s attack and declare war on the new Israel state with their Arab brethern literally a day later? in effect violently not acceptping any co-habitation or solution in this Land? hmmmm….also Jews have lived in the land of Israel, whatever it was called, for over 2000 years….its a fallacy to call only the Arabs as the true indiginous people…..this is just another unbalanced, flawed article amogst so many. Yes European colonialism wrecked much of Africa and the middle east, but let’s get the facts at least a little straight here.

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