Once you have to do something, the fun fades a little. And we wonder why so many people need therapy.
Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job
Jessica Wildfire

As an accountant I’ve seen way too many people quit jobs and start coffee shops or purchase pubs. Often they have little more experience than a few seasons of watching “Friends” and “Cheers”. The results are almost always tragic. They see the ‘ambience’ the ‘experience’ the sense of ‘community’. Not the work.

I generally ask them two questions:

1- “How will you handle working every single hour of your waking life whilst pretending to enjoy everyone around you relaxing?”

2- “Exactly how many customers do you need every week (all 52 of them) and how much do each of them have to spend in order for you to keep living?”

They usually laugh and can’t answer either of them intelligently, after which I usually advise against it, after which they usually ignore me and go ahead anyway.

Occasionally there is one who is eye-wide-open up for the pain. They at least have a chance at succeeding and often do.