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I’d like to know how this site regards the estimated net worth of the Clintons, who’ve been enriched to the tune of an estimated $200 Million, despite never having real jobs. Much of their wealth has been sourced to foreign countries hostile to the US, including Russia, not to mention how much they’ve been paid by countries with atrocious human rights histories.

For instance, Bill was paid $1.5 Million dollars for a couple of speeches in Russia…simultaneously, Hillary signed off on the sale of about 20% of America’s known uranium assets to a Russian company (in other words, to Russia). Saudi Arabia has donated between (as listed in Clinton Foundation disclosures) $10 to 50 Million to the foundation. In Saudi Arabia, women don’t drive — because, as women, they are forbidden to do so. Homosexuals are pushed off of tall buildings, stoned or otherwise rendered, dead.

Compared to other countries on the list of foundation donors, the Saudis are choirboys. Where is the outrage?

I’m all for exposing corruption in government…but there should be some ground rules for those doing so. First, wait until said corruption actually occurs. The Clinton Foundation is rife with evidence of quid pro quo. Ivanka Trump sat in on an UNOFFICIAL meeting between private citizen Donald Trump and officials from Japan, a US ally. There’s a difference.

Why does yahoo continue to feature alt-left sites on its homepage? Now that President-elect Trump is poised to be inaugurated, isn’t it time to get on board and support him?

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