Top 3 best desktop environments in Linux

One of the hardest choices in the Linux world after the choosing your distro is choosing your DE (Desktop Environment).
In this little article i’m going to introduce you to the top 3 DEs based on fan base, resources consumption and ease of use of use.


Well, not the best out of the box, it looks very old when you compare it to Budgie, Deepin, Gnome or KDE but when you dive more in it more you will see how customizable it is it’s also compatible with Compiz.

RAM consumption : 390 mb 
Default file manager : Thunar
Link for more information :

XFCE (Manjaro)


It’s very easy to use and doesn’t need a lot of customization actually it’s very limited in that side also isn’t compatible with Compiz still has a big fan base.

RAM consumption : 447 mb
Default file manager : GNOME Files
Link for more information :


KDE Plasma 5 :

Very rich DE, compatible with Compiz and very easy to customize you can also install widgets themes very easily.
it’s worth mentioning that KDE comes with a set of K* applications.

RAM consumption : 455 mb
Default file manager : Dolphin
Link for more information :

KDE Plasma 5

A final word :

Linux is freedom, so you can go out there and choose any DE you like with any Distro and customize it to make it yours.