Say goodbye to your whiteheads

Say goodbye to your whiteheads!

We all want our face to be without imperfections and I am sure that everyone hates acne and whiteheads. What are actually whiteheads and what causes them?

Whiteheads are actually glands on our skin that collect cosmetics, dirt, pieces of epidermis and debris. They mostly appear on our nose, chin and cheeks. They are in fact clogged sebaceous glands, who are harmless unless they become inflames due to infections. That’s why you should choose a non-aggressive method for their elimination.

Say goodbye to your whiteheads

We present you step-by-step the home method of removing whiteheads from your skin.

First you will start with clean face, which has previously been steamed over some hot herb tea (it can be mint or chamomile). With the steaming you will unclog your face pores, which helps the following process. On a disinfected new toothbrush apply small amount of toothpaste. Put it on the problematic parts of your skin and leave it for five minutes. Gently, using the toothbrush, massage the problematic areas. Be careful. You don’t want to irritate your skin. Do this for few seconds and after that clean your face with warm water. Apply face tonic. You will need to repeat this process 1–2 times a week, if you want to have visible results.

In the process of choosing the type of toothpaste you are going to use, you should look for toothpaste that doesn’t contain large amounts of abrasive compounds and mint. Most favorable toothpastes are the ones with herbs, such as sage and chamomile. Toothpaste contains hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, alcohol and witch hazel, which help with removing whiteheads.

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