Quotes from great innovators of the past century should not cloud your judgement

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. You’ve probably seen this quote from legendary innovator Henry Ford all over your LinkedIn timeline in the past few weeks. People seemed to respond strongly to it, inspired by the wisdom of the man who made a consumer product out of the Automobile. And I have to say I like it too: it’s funny, provocative and irreverent. …

How innovative companies can benefit from behaviors showcased in Multiplayer Online Games

I thought I would write post which describes some of the experiments I’ve been running lately in different projects to reinvent business organizations based on my past experiences as an Online gamer. In those games, the lessons I learned on human behavior in any organized community should be, I believe, very strong inspiration sources for innovative teams and organizations today. The Federation of American Scientists states that video games lead to “higher-order thinking skills, such as strategic thinking, interpretive analysis, problem solving, plan formulation and execution, and adaptation…

Antoine Heber-Suffrin

Ex Googler, co-founder at Nereo. Travel addict. Ski addict.

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