I uploaded a picture of Burhan Wani, 22 when murdered by indian occupation forces in Kashmir last year, momentarily I was signed out. When I tried to sign in again I received a pop-up message saying my account was blocked.

It was not a work of a human It was done automatically by the code. For a few moments I was completely at shock, struck by sheer disbelief. But then I recalled that Facebook has always been like this i.e on the wrong side of issues.

Why blame just Facebook everyone is in on it. French police, just last week, declared that shooting Muslims does not seem to be an act of terrorism. No one could see any act of ethnic persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, sadly not even the Nobel Lady. Amnesty International and HRW have been ,disgracefully, silent on use of pallet guns, chemical weapons and helicopter shelling in Occupied Kashmir.

It was my mistake to think that Facebook would behave differently. The whole notion of civilized world has changed. Now you dont have to be right but politically right. You don’t need truth but official truth.

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