How Climate Change Fueled The Far-Right’s Rise And Why We Need To Stop Both
Greg Fish

Oh really? The title already gives an idea of ​​the scarecrow that we will read, but I ask why not the climate change does not give rise to the growth of the Political Left? After all, many leftist intellectuals like to blame Capitalism for the industrialization and pollution that leads to climate change generated by human action. As if during communism the environment was not destroyed in Eastern European countries as well as in modern China …

Your basic argument that climate forces migration and a political reaction does not make sense to me, because such droughts, as in the Sahel date back a long time. Despite all the pain and suffering of these peoples, their capacity for environmental resilience has been forged for centuries. On the other hand, wars, which are often fostered by parties that wear a fantasy of “progressives”, are a direct threat to the stability of these peoples. This is not to say that it was some kind of paradise before, because by “stability” we also think of regimes ruled by tyrants such as Saddam Hussein who suffocated their population with fear and torture.

The consideration that labor is disappearing due to industrial automation and robotics does not proceed, in fact, this is not the reality. What happens is the generation of new jobs and an evolution of the level of comfort, thanks to the advancement of technology. The shortage in job creation or unemployment if you prefer to call it that, in a more dramatic tone is the lack of deregulation of the market, whose rules and regulations hinder free initiative. Now the immigrants … The real problem with the immigrants does not correspond to most of them, but to a small minority, who is militant fundamentalist and immigrated predisposed to commit attacks reaping the lives of hundreds of people. If the Left wants to be taken seriously and give an answer to the supposed “fanatic right-wingers” they have to respond to this problem and not just ignore it.

There are many other points, but these already give a good start to discuss.