Take it & go.

There was a this one time when I was travelling from Koramangala to Malleshwaram. The route was the one i took everyday.

From work to home. While on the the way, there is this small stretch whic has a series of cemeteries. Very creepy, but unfortunately a path I had to cross regardless my feelings towards it. This fine day, there happens to be a powercut, and the auto guy was all of a sudden in need to be somewhere else and said I’d have to get down there and figure my way out. He would go in the meantime. After a bit, I got into an argument with the fellow driver and let the auto go. In a while however, he turned around and I saw him do that from the corner of my eye.

I paced up quick and to my worst fears saw him cruising up behind me and honking. At ths point I decided it was fight or flight and my feet had picked flight. I was on the verge of taking off to the likes of Bolt but the guy came too close and shouted “Madam! Bag!”.

It hit me. I left my bag in the auto all this while. No wonder I felt so free spirited to commence on a run out of nowhere. I quietly took my bag , thanked the driver and walked away. Yes, I did get an auto post that and I spent an hour and a half in the same amidst Bengaluru traffic.

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