Randomized Schedules in Azure Functions
Andreas Helland

Hmmm, did not think about that.

I checked the streaming logs for the function, and this looks right:

2016–08–30T21:08:18.189 Function started (Id=fd7cd927-b11d-49fa-a5f1-fbc6964a13d8)

2016–08–30T21:08:18.189 C# Timer trigger function executed at: 8/30/2016 9:08:18 PM

2016–08–30T21:08:18.205 Current schedule: “schedule”: “18 * * * * *”

2016–08–30T21:08:18.252 Function completed (Success, Id=fd7cd927-b11d-49fa-a5f1-fbc6964a13d8)

2016–08–30T21:09:06.043 Function started (Id=b4e6b344-e9ca-4bb0–9e03–5bea0a1926fd)

2016–08–30T21:09:06.043 C# Timer trigger function executed at: 8/30/2016 9:09:06 PM

2016–08–30T21:09:06.058 Current schedule: “schedule”: “6 * * * * *”

2016–08–30T21:09:06.105 Function completed (Success, Id=b4e6b344-e9ca-4bb0–9e03–5bea0a1926fd)

And gives the impression of things working as intended.

But going through Kudu, and checking the logs for the app host does indeed show an awful lot of restarts.

Argh, not quite as useful as I hoped for :( (Unless one is very specific on which function goes where.)

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